Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the AGM

2016 AGM   6th Sept   Leeds
2015 AGM   8th Sept   Glasgow
2014 AGM   9th Sept   Reading
2013 AGM   9th Sept   London
2012 AGM   4th Sept   Belfast
2011 AGM   6th Sept   London
2010 AGM   6th Sept   London
2009 AGM   8th Sept   Oxford
2008 AGM   15th Sept   Bristol
2007 AGM   25th Sept   London
2006 AGM   21st Sept   Cambridge
2005 AGM   16th Sept   London
2004 AGM   10th Sept   London
2003 AGM   8th Sept   Edinburgh
2002 AGM   6th Sept   Bristol
2001 AGM   2nd Nov   London
2000 AGM   20th Sept   Belfast
1999 AGM   20th Sept   London
1998 AGM   14th Sept   London
1997 AGM   5th Sept   Bristol
1996 AGM   30th Aug   Strathclyde
1995 AGM   19th Dec   London
1994 AGM   9th Dec   Bristol
1993 AGM   28th Oct   Edinburgh
1992 AGM   3rd Dec   London