Carolyn Carr
I am a senior post-doc in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics in Oxford where I lead a stem cell research group, investigating the use of endogenous cardiac stem cells to prevent heart failure. We use high field MRI to measure cardiac function in rodents following infarction and cell administration, with a particular emphasis on cell tracking using MRI. I have had a varied career. I studied chemistry at Oxford and worked for Kodak for three years as an analytical chemist. Following a career break, I was awarded a Daphne Jackson Returners Fellowship to return to chemical research in Oxford. I then worked for a spin-out company, studying Alzheimer's disease, before taking up my current position, 8 years ago. As well as giving stem cell lectures in Oxford, I enjoy talking about my work to the public, for example at Cafe Scientifique in Oxford and at Seminars for BHF fundraisers. I strongly believe in the value of national societies in encouraging collaboration between research groups, through meetings and workshops.