Karen Porter
I am a Pharmacologist by first degree, but having completed a PhD in vascular biology, have spent over 20 years developing and extending my interest and expertise in this area. I have built my career working exclusively with primary human tissues and cells, studying adverse cardiovascular remodelling and underlying cell and molecular mechanisms in both cardiac and vascular cell-types. My group's primary aim is to understand smooth muscle cell phenotype and function in adapting blood vessels during pathophysiological remodelling. We are seeking to understand the molecular mechanisms that underlie aberrant cardiovascular cell function, and in recent years we have developed a key focus on the vascular complications of Type 2 diabetes. In view of the rising epidemic of obesity and diabetes, this is an area of global significance and importance.

I always recommend BSCR membership to new members in our group primarily because the meetings offer a stimulating, friendly environment with a diversity of topics open to researchers at all levels. I believe the BSCR has gone from strength to strength over the years and importantly I value the opportunities it has provided not only at a personal level, but for my students and early-career researchers.