"to contribute to the progress and understanding of biomedical and allied sciences in relation to the cardiovascular system and the detection, prevention and treatment of disease, disability and malfunction of the cardiovascular system"

Membership Benefits

  • An interdisciplinary forum for presentation and discussion of current research
  • Free or reduced-price access to BSCR Main Meetings, covering all areas of cardiovascular science
  • Free or reduced-price access to BSCR Workshops and Symposia
  • Reduced rate membership of the International Society for Heart Research
  • ligibility for the Bernard and Joan Marshall Awards
  • Travel bursaries for students to attend BSCR meetings

Applying for Membership

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You can chenge your contact details online using this form

Recurring payments

You are encouraged to select the recurring payment option which will ensure that your membership is automatically renewed on an annual basis. In this case, after an initial payment which will be taken on the date of first joining the society, subsequent payments will be taken on 1st January of the following year and annually thereafter. Please contact the BSCR Treasurer, or BSCR Secretary, if you would like to cancel your recurring payment.

Refund policy

You have the right to cancel your BSCR/ISHR membership within seven days of initial payment. Contact the BSCR Secretary, who will arrange for your name to be removed from the membership list and payment to be reimbursed

Delivery policy

Not applicable to BSCR membership

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Dr David Grieve (BSCR Secretary), +44 (0)28 9097 6468