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25th Nov 2014 - Abstracts from Autumn meeting now available

Abstracts from the Autumn meeting in Reading have now been published in Heart.

9th Oct 2014 - Heart and BSCR Joint venture

Heart have recently published a series of review articles which have been commissioned by the BSCR. This represents an initial venture between the BSCR and Heart with the potential to develop in to something more significant. Please find the links to the four articles below together with an Editorial from the BSCR team:

8th-9th Sept 2014 - Another successful Autumn Meeting

This year’s Autumn Meeting was held at the lovely green campus of the University of Reading on the topic of Cardiovascular Signalling in Health and Disease. The meeting was extremely well supported, with over 150 delegates and sponsorship from 30 companies, as well as from the Company of Biologists and the University of Reading. A meeting report by one of the organisers will appear in the Autumn edition of the Bulletin.

Cell therapy for cardiovascular disease in the 21st century: a reflective and prospective update

In 2015 BSCR and the British Society for Gene & Cell Therapy are embarking on a new venture holding a joint 2-day event in Glasgow, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the three BHF Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Centres: Imperial, Oxbridge and Edinburgh, Glasgow. This Regenerative Medicine meeting will occupy the second part of the BSGCT conference (9th-12th June) running from midday on 11th Jun. It will explore a range of endogenous and exogenous cardiovascular regenerative strategies, as well as tissue engineering and pluripotent stem cell model systems. Invited speakers will include representatives from the three Regenerative Medicine Centres and distinguished International leaders in the field, including Doris Taylor, Rich Lee and Philippe Menasche.

BHF Centre of Research Excellence for Vascular Science and Medicine in Glasgow

The University of Glasgow, Scotland UK has recently received British Heart Foundation support to become a Centre of Research Excellence in Vascular Science and Medicine. The institute was awarded a £3m research grant for this centre in April 2014. 

Prof Rhian Touyz (Director) welcomes an exchange with like-minded Centres and Institutes. The research institute ICAMS are currently developing the web pages but are happy to make contact with relevant organisations such as EVBO, with the view to potential future collaboration within a larger network, as they are extremely impressed with European efforts in this area. Here is the first news article about the Centre of Excellence - News 

For further information please contact:
Karen Trofimova, Project Officer
Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences
BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre
University of Glasgow, 126 University Place
Glasgow G12 8TA
Tel: 0141 330 8049

If you would like to add a news piece to our page, please contact the BSCR Secretary: David Grieve