BAS/BSCR Spring Meeting Prize Winners

BAS/BSCR Spring Meeting Prize Winners

Young Investigator Prize

Winner: Donna Page (University of Manchester)

Identification of the major genetic contributors to Tetralogy of Fallot

Runners-up: Naveed Akbar (University of Oxford), Sonali Munshaw (University of Oxford), Betty Raman (University of Oxford)

Best-of-the-Best Oral Abstract Prizes

Winner: Neil Dufton (Imperial College London)

Endothelial-specific Erg deletion leads to dramatic reduction in cardiopulmonary function

Runner-Up: Simon Tual-Chalot (Newcastle University)

Poster Abstract Prizes

Francesca Bartoli-Leonard (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Loss of Sirt1 in diabetes enhances DNA damage and reduces MRN complex activation resulting in increased vascular calcification

Blanca Tardajos Ayllon (University of Sheffield)

C-rel drives atherosclerosis at sites of disturbed flow by activating imflammatory and proliferative transcriptional programmes in endothelium

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