About the society

Our aims and objectives

The British Society for Cardiovascular Research (BSCR) aims to provide a forum for scientists and clinicians with research interests in the heart and vasculature. There are over 450 members representing a broad range of scientific and clinical disciplines drawn from academic, industrial and clinical environments. Members are investigators at all stages of their careers engaged in laboratory-based and clinical research on the regulation, physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Our history

The Society was formed in 1973 as the Cardiac Muscle Research Group. In 1987 the name British Society for Cardiovascular Research was adopted to reflect the broader interests of its national membership. The early history of the Society, written by Professor David Hearse in 1993, can be found here. The Society is an Affiliated Group of the British Cardiovascular Society. In 1992, a formalised constitution was adopted and the Society became a registered charity.

You can read more about the recent history of the BSCR here:

Davidson SM, Hearse D. Reflections on 40 years of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research (BSCR). Heart. 2013 Nov;99(21):1551-3. doi: 10.1136/heartjnl-2013-303790. Epub 2013 Mar 12. PubMed PMID: 23481368.

Who runs the society?

The Committee consists of nine members, three of whom are clinically qualified. Up to three additional members, including editors of the quarterly Bulletin, may be co-opted onto the Committee.

What does it do?

The Society organises two main meetings, the Spring Meeting and the Autumn/Winter Meeting, each year. These meetings adopt a symposium format over two days on specific themes, with state-of-the-art contributions by prominent researchers, from the UK and abroad. At these meetings, free communications broadly relevant to the theme of the meeting are invited from members of the Society as a poster or oral presentations. Free communication sessions at these meetings are especially encouraged from young workers and provide a friendly forum for discussion of current work. Student members of the Society are eligible to receive travel bursaries to assist attendance at the main meetings.

The Society organises a Symposium at the annual meeting of the British Cardiovascular Society. Workshops organised by members of the Society also take place and are separate from the main meetings. They provide the opportunity for around 20 people to meet, for one day. The themes of these workshops are varied but are highly focused on particular areas of research or specific techniques.

Members of the BSCR benefit from reduced-rate membership of the International Society for Heart Research.

How do we engage the community?

The Society publishes a quarterly Bulletin which ensures regular communication between members. The Bulletin encourages all members of the Society to take an active role in the Society's running by dissemination of news, viewpoints and opinions. Short review articles, book reviews, meetings reports and laboratory profiles aim to inform, educate and encourage collaborations between research groups.