Distinguished Investigator

Bernard and Joan Marshall Distinguished Investigator Lecture

This invited lecture is given at each Autumn Meeting, supported by an endowment to the BSCR from the late Bernard and Joan Marshall and with an honorarium of £3000.

The lecturer is chosen by the BSCR Committee, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Autumn Meeting organisers.

Previous Bernard and Joan Marshall Distinguished Lecturers

  • 2014 Professor Mark Sussman (San Diego, USA) at the 2014 Autumn Meeting in Reading.

  • 2013 Derek Yellon (University College London) at the 2013 Autumn Meeting in London.
  • 2012 Johann Bauersachs (Hannover, Germany) at the 2012 Autumn Meeting in Belfast.
  • 2011 Salvador Moncada (Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, London) at the 2011 Autumn Meeting in London.
  • 2010 Dan Roden (Vanderbilt, USA) at the 2010 Autumn Meeting in London.