BSCR 2021 Early Career Research Symposium

BSCR 2021 Early Career Research Symposium

Date: April 21, 2021

Time: 13:30

Location: Online

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BSCR 2021 Early Career Research Symposium:

 April 21st | 13:30 | Online (Zoom)

A dedicated symposium for Early Career Researchers (ECR). All speakers are ECR, with the exception of our keynote speaker, Prof. Shankar Srinivas (University of Oxford). Non-ECR are also welcome to register, to discover what advances are being made by the next generation of cardiovascular scientists. FREE to attend for BSCR members and non-members.

13:30-13:35     Introduction

13:35-14:00     Investigating the role of dysferlin in the heart

      Callum Quinn (University of Manchester)

14:00-14:25     Using optical technology in cardiovascular research

      Dr Caroline Muellenbroich (University of Glasgow)

14:25-14:50     Deciphering the mechanical code of cardiomyocytes – the role of DLC1

      Dr Ioannis Xanthis (Queen Mary University of London)

14:50-15:15     Break

15:15-15:40     Targeting MMPs activity in the fight against atherosclerosis and abdominal aortic aneurysm

      Dr Karina Di Gregoli (University of Bristol)

15:40-16:05     The role of Glypican 1 in stiffness-mediated endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease

                        Dr Marwa Mahmoud (City College of New York)

16:05-16:45     Keynote lecture: Understanding the emergence of form and function in the heart at single cell resolution

      Prof. Shankar Srinivas (University of Oxford)

16:45-17:00     Discussion & Closing Remarks


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