Joint BAS/BSCR Late Spring Meeting 2020

Joint BAS/BSCR Late Spring Meeting 2020

Start date: June 1, 2020 - End date: June 2, 2020

Location: Manchester Central, Manchester, UK

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Abstracts (Deadline 2nd March)

Preliminary Programme

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Symposium Title: Novel Insights into Cardiovascular comorbidities

Monday 1st June 2020, 10.45-12.15

Chairs – Andy Sage, Rhian Touyz

Jose Fuster, CNIC Madrid – Clonal hematopoiesis – links to atherosclerotic disease

Ian Bruce, University of Manchester – Rheumatological diseases – a cardiovascular risk factor

Antony Vidal-Puig, University of Cambridge – Obesity and Adipose dysfunction in cardiovascular risk

Rhian Touyz, University of Glasgow – Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease: Clinical Insights and Vascular Mechanisms

Symposium Title: Neuroimmune Modulation of Cardiovascular Function

Monday 1st June 2020, 13.45-15.15

Chairs – Pasquale Maffia, Tomasz Guzik

Peder Olofsson – Neuronal control of inflammation and bioelectronic medicine

Prof Partha Dutta – Sympathetic Neuronal Activation Triggers Myeloid Progenitor Proliferation and Differentiation

Prof Daniela Carnevale – Neuroimmune Control of Cardiac and Vascular Remodelling in Hypertension

Dr Giuseppe D’Agostino – Control of Peripheral Metabolism via Genetic Modulation of Brain Circuits

Symposium Title: A decade of genome-wide association studies

Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 8.30-10.00

Chairs – Manuel Mayr, Sanjay Sinha

Jeanette Erdmann, Luebeck, Germany – What have we learnt for coronary artery disease?

Aroon Hingorani, UCL – Mendelian randomisation – causal analysis and drug development

Gerard Pasterkamp, Utrect, Netherlands – Fine-tuning the definition of the atherosclerotic plaque at risk, the value of bulk and single cell RNA sequencing of human plaques.

Hugh Watkins, Oxford – The impact of common variants on rare/inherited disease phenotypes

Other Sessions

Joint BCS/BAS/BSCR Young Investigator Prize

Deadlines to be announced shortly

Combined BCS/BAS/BSCR with the top 5 applications being selected for oral presentation on Tuesday lunchtime with a first prize of £1,000. Open to basic scientists who are no more than 5 years post-PhD and clinicians who have not attained consultant status. Application requires submission of a brief communication (1,000 words with up to 5 tables/figures). Please note that if your submission for the Young Investigator Prize is not shortlisted for presentation, it is not automatically entered as a standard poster abstract submission. To do this you will need to separately submit your abstract following the normal submission process and you are encouraged to do this – if your application for the Young Investigator Prize is subsequently shortlisted then you will have the option of withdrawing your standard poster abstract.

John French Lecture – tbc

Poster sessions

Hot Topics – Insights into novel techniques and approaches in cardiovascular science from leading practitioners

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