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Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Stem Cell Medicine - University of Cambridge (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)

Salary: £32,236-£39,609

Closing date: 31 July 2019

Job Details: Applications are invited to join a dynamic team led by Dr Sanjay Sinha at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute ( 'We have pioneered the generation of vascular smooth muscle cells from human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) via different embryonic lineages (Cheung et al., Nature Biotechnology 2012;30:165-73, Iyer et al., Development 2015;142:1528-41). Recently we used this approach to establish an in vitro model of vascular disease in Marfan syndrome using patient-derived iPSCs, and highlighted a novel role for p38 MAP kinase in regulating smooth muscle cell death (Granata et al., Nature Genetics 2017;49:97-109). The focus of this exciting disease oriented project will be to identify how embryonic lineage contributes to aortic disease and to develop further iPSC based models of aortic aneurysms (Loeys-Dietz and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes)'. Further details can be found here.

Informal enquiries to Dr Sanjay Sinha ([email protected]) are encouraged.

Applications must be made through the jobs opportunities webpage:


Research Assistant  - Radcliffe Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford

Salary: £28,660-£34,189

Closing date: 15 July 2019 (midday)

Job Details: 'We are looking for a highly motivated and well-organised Research Assistant to work in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine’s laboratories at the John Radcliffe Hospital and focus on understanding the cellular and molecular basis of genetically inherited cardiomyopathies. The department is an international and multidisciplinary research atmosphere, in which scientists from many subject area backgrounds collaborate to further the biological understanding of cardiovascular disease. You will be actively involved in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) culture and maintenance. As the laboratory focuses on stem cell characterisation of inherited cardiomyopathies, the role will encompass differentiation of stem cell lineages to cardiomyocytes for functional characterisation. The Toepfer laboratory has begun to show how these technologies can begin to elucidate novel mechanisms of disease in inherited cardiomyopathies Toepfer Circulation Research 2019 and Toepfer Science Translational Medicine 2019'. Further details can be found here.

Informal enquiries to Dr Christopher Toepfer ([email protected]) are encouraged.

Applications must be made online via the University Recruitment Website 


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Other available positions

Fellowship of the BSCR

The Committee of the BSCR has decided to create the honour of Fellowship of the BSCR.

Fellowships will be awarded to individuals who have made a notable contribution to the Society in terms of its influence, credibility, profile and position in national and international cardiovascular research networks.

This Fellowship is open to anyone in recognition of their leading contribution to the mission and objectives of BSCR; they do not need to be members of the BSCR at the time of nomination.

Nominations can only be made by full members of the BSCR.

There is a web form available: briefly, you will need to describe the nominee's contributions to the BSCR in terms of its financial stability, profile, membership and administration. You will also need to name four BSCR members who will second the nomination

List of BSCR Fellows

NameProfessor Christopher NewmanProfessor David Hearse
InstitutionUniversity of SheffieldKing’s College London