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Research Associate

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Division/School:Cardiovascular Sciences, National Heart and Lung Institute, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London
Supervisors:Dr Gabor Foldes
Working pattern:Fixed Term - Full time
Salary:£36,800 p.a
Closing date for applications:29 July 2018

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The Committee of the BSCR has decided to create the honour of Fellowship of the BSCR.

Fellowships will be awarded to individuals who have made a notable contribution to the Society in terms of its influence, credibility, profile and position in national and international cardiovascular research networks.

Fellowship is open to anyone in recognition of their leading contribution to the mission and objectives of BSCR; they do not need to be members of the BSCR at the time of nomination.

Nominations can only be made by full members of the BSCR.

There is a web form available: briefly, you will need to describe the nominee's contributions to the BSCR in terms of its financial stability, profile, membership and administration. You will also need to name four BSCR members who will second the nomination

List of BSCR Fellows

NameProfessor Christopher NewmanProfessor David Hearse
InstitutionUniversity of SheffieldKing’s College London