Past Marshall Prize Winners


Distinguished Lecturer: Professor Joseph Wu (Stanford University)

Early Career Investigator: Mr Michael Preedy (Queen Mary University of London)


Distinguished Lecturer: Hanjoong Jo (Emory University, Atlanta)

Early Career Investigator: Marwa Mahmoud (University of Sheffield/City College New York)


Distinguished Lecturer: Rong Tian (University of Washington)

Research Excellence Prize: Stephen Wheatcroft (University of Leeds)

Young Investigator: Johannes Bargehr (University of Cambridge)



Distinguished Lecturer: Domenico Accili (Columbia University Medical Center, New York)

Research Excellence Prize: Arjun Deb (University of California, Los Angeles)

Young Investigator: Victoria L. Mascetti (University of Cambridge)



Distinguished Lecturer: Hal Dietz (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)

Research Excellence Prize: Tomasz Guzik (University of Glasgow)

Young Investigator: Dharini Iyer (University of Cambridge)



Distinguished Lecturer: Mark Sussman (San Diego State University)

Research Excellence Prize: Colin Berry (University of Glasgow)

Young Investigator: Edward Chouchani (University of Cambridge)



Distinguished Lecturer: Derek Yellon (University College London)

Research Excellence Prize: Murray Clarke (University of Cambridge)

Young Investigator: Margaux Horn (University of Manchester)



Distinguished Lecturer: Johann Bauersachs (Hannover Medical School)

Research Excellence Prize: Derek Hausenloy (University College London)

Young Investigator: Christine Cheung (University of Cambridge)



Distinguished Lecturer: Salvador Moncada (University College London)

Research Excellence Prize: Joseph Wu (Stanford University)

Young Investigator: Joe Burgoyne (King’s College London)



Distinguished Lecturer: Dan Roden (Vanderbilt University)

Research Excellence Prize: Manuel Mayr (King’s College London)

Young Investigator: Alex Lyon (Imperial College London)